A Fun And Challenging Acrobatic LightSaber Program with 
Parkour Training and Competitive Dueling Opportunities 

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Acrobatic Saber Program for Kids

It's like MMA for Lightsabers!

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SaberkidZ Academy takes the lightsaber to the next level with a mixed style of authentic 'sword' training while incorporating a artistic/parkour/gymnastic training program giving the kids the skills to wield a saber with practical artistic showmanship.


The SaberkidZ program takes the first time saber practitioner from beginner to advanced over ten progressive levels of instructions which will have them twirling theirs sabers while running, vaulting, jumping, twisting, flipping and demonstrating extraordinary balance and striking skills around objects and against live opponents.


This is a real skill building program that requires discipline, patience and perseverence.


Consider this program as you would consider enrolling your child in any sports training program.


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SaberkidZ program is designed to bring out the personal "Saber Style" of the student. Through progressive levels of:

  • Authentic mixed arts saber training

  • Acrobatic Parkour and Gymnastics Training

  • Creative Artistic Movement Applications

  • Competitive Applications


The SaberkidZ student will be encouraged to make the art their own.  The ten levels of  training progression ensure the student is ready to safely and confidently increase the level of training difficulty and encourages them to share their discoveries with other Saber students.

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What will my kids learn in SaberkidZ

10 Progressive Levels of Training

  • Hundreds of hours of skills training

  • Three types of Sabers. Single, Double and Staff.

  • Patience and Discipline as it relates to the efforts of learning increasingly difficult physical skills.

  • Dozens of striking and counter striking "Clashes"

  • Dozens of parkour/acrobatic skills to incorporate into their developing "Saber Style".

  • Classical/ artistic dueling and combat dueling skills for competition.

  • Artistic applications of all of the above for making fun videos and for competitive artistic meets.

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